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Rules for the LIKE A BOSS ODC are:

• Banned CG players (caught by cheat) are not allowed to participate in the cup. CG banlist [crossfire.nu]
• All players must record a demo throughout the match!
• Noshows will be given 10 minutes after scheduled starting time. If your opponent is not there contact an admin.
• Teams must provide their own server.
• A player should only play for one team. If a team wants to use a player that has already played in the cup contact an admin and we will review the case.
• Each team is allowed to have 1 spectator.
• At least one player from each team must idle in #LIKEABOSS
• A team gets disqualified after there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse. (proof must be given with a screenshot/record!)
• Side is allowed!
• The semifinals and final will be broadcasted on www.gamestv.org
• In case of a double fullhold, an elimination system of the mappool is used to decide what map is played. The winner of the cointoss gets to vote the map (between 2 options) (Maplist is on Home page)
• For any further questions, or unclear statements, you must contact an admin.
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